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Centaur Warrunner Level 0 1 15 25 30 Health 200 740 2020 3180 3680 Health regen 0.25 2.95 9.39 15.19 17.69 Mana 75 255 519 855 975 Mana regen 0 0.75 1.87 3.27 3.77 Armor 0 2.5 4.83 8.5 9.67 Att/sec 0.53 0.62 0.7 0.83 0.87 Damage 36‒38 63‒65 127‒129 185‒187 210‒212 Magic resistance 25% Link▶️ Movement speed 300 Link▶️ Attack speed 90 Turn rate 0.6 Vision range 1800/800 Attack range 150 Projectile speed Instant Attack animation 0.3+0.3 Base attack time 1.7 Damage block 16 Collision size 24 Legs 4 Gib type Default

Bradwarden, the Centaur Warrunner, is a melee strength hero whose natural place in combat is right in the center of battle. His abilities stop enemies around him in their tracks and inflict heavy damage, making him an excellent initiator. He is also a powerful tank, having the highest strength gain in the game.

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Bradwarden has immense natural health, and his skills’ area of effect means that he can charge into combat and incapacitate groups of enemies at a time. Hoof Stomp and Double Edge make a great combo of stunning and burst damage on short cooldowns and his Retaliate means instant retaliation on enemies who try attack him, as well as his nearby allies with the proper late-game talent. His ultimate, Stampede effectively turns the entire team into initiators, granting them high speed and the ability to flatten enemies under as they pass over them.

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Although he is usually not played as a carry, he can scale powerfully with items, becoming a hard-hitting semi-carry that is nearly impossible to kill.




Recent Changes[]

Recommended Items[]

Starting items:

  • Tango Tango increases your survivability in lane with health regeneration.
  • Healing Salve Healing Salve also restores health.
  • Iron Branch Iron Branch gives cheap attributes and builds into Magic Wand; alternatively, it can be used with Tango for more healing.
  • Enchanted Mango Enchanted Mango provides health regeneration and compensates for Centaur’s low mana pool during laning stage.

Early game:

  • Magic Stick Magic Stick can increase your survivability in lane, and can be later turned into a Magic Wand Magic Wand.
  • Tranquil Boots (Active) Tranquil Boots gives big movement speed boost and health regeneration, which help to recover from the Double Edge self-damage.
  • Bracer Bracer grants a little attribute and especially strength boost, thus compensating for the Double Edge health cost.

Mid game:

  • Magic Wand Magic Wand gives attributes and more burst health and mana restoration.
  • Blink Dagger Blink Dagger is essential to initiating with Hoof Stomp. It is a necessary item if your team has no other heroes that can initiate well.
  • Hood of Defiance Hood of Defiance grants health regeneration and magic resistance to reduce the self-inflicted Double Edge damage.

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Late game:

  • Heart of Tarrasque Heart of Tarrasque grants extra survivability from the bonus health and regeneration, and the strength also increases damage done by attacks, Double Edge, and Stampede. The massive health regeneration also allows for the near-constant use of Double Edge without needing to heal.
  • Pipe of Insight Pipe of Insight helps to sustain a lot of magical damage in team fights (particularly, to protect teammates from magical nukes) as well as to reduce the Double Edge health cost.

Situational items:

  • Phase Boots Phase Boots are an alternative boot choice for better initiation and tankiness during early game.
  • Aghanim's Scepter Aghanim’s Scepter allows Centaur’s team, being under the effect of Stampede, to go through impassable terrain when ganking or escaping from ganks. Besides, Stampede damage reduction is a great benefit if the team is vulnerable to high burst damage; it helps to set up a better team fight and survive through it.
  • Vanguard Vanguard is a good purchase if dealing with a lot of physical attack damage. It can be naturally upgraded to Crimson Guard Crimson Guard for more team survivability or to Abyssal Blade Abyssal Blade for additional reliable disabling.
  • Assault Cuirass Assault Cuirass provides Centaur’s team with extra armor and attack speed as well as allows dealing more Retaliate damage to enemies (particularly, to towers).
  • Blade Mail Blade Mail’s damage reflect stacks with Retaliate, making Centaur an even less appetizing target. However, enemies will probably already be focusing on your teammates in fights rather than you.
  • Heaven's Halberd Heaven’s Halberd grants strength, and also the ability to disarm enemies, which can be useful in the late game when Centaur’s damage falls off.
  • Black King Bar Black King Bar may be necessary to guarantee initiations on disable-heavy teams.
  • Lotus Orb Lotus Orb grants mana and armor, while the active can purge crippling debuffs and decimate enemies that carelessly target Centaur.
  • Vladmir's Offering Vladmir’s Offering provides armor, mana regeneration, and lifesteal to complement Retaliate. Typically played as an offlaner and appreciated for his tankiness, Centaur is a decent aura bearer.


Roles: Durable Durable Initiator Initiator Disabler Disabler Nuker Nuker Escape Escape Complexity: ★☆☆ Playstyle: Some write to express their being, others paint or sing. But for the centaurs of Druud, there is no higher art than the art of killing. And in that, none was more accomplished than Bradwarden. With skills acquired in the arena, the Warrunner punishes his opponents for every attack, disregarding harm to himself as he metes out a fearsome Double Edge. Ever in search of a worthy opponent, Bradwarden rouses his allies to charge down enemies in a wild Stampede. Once battle is joined, the Centaur Warrunner tramples surrounding foes with a Hoof Stomp, stunning them just long enough for his battleaxe to sink in.




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  • In DotA, Bradwarden’s hero title was Centaur Warchief.
  • Bradwarden is the name of a centaur in the first DemonWars Saga trilogy by R.A. Salvatore.
  • Hoof Stomp’s animation originally consisted of Centaur Warrunner slamming the ground with the shaft of his axe. This was later changed after community requests that the animation reflects the ability name.


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