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Bảng Ngọc Bổ Trợ, Cách Chơi Zac Solo Top Lane : Summonerschool – LOL Truyền Kỳ

Catapult makes him almost impossible to gank as he can instantly get to the other side of the lane.

Đang xem: Cách chơi zac solo top

Đang xem: cách chơi zac solo top

If enemy laner overextended, he can got and bring him into turret.

Sustain with blobs.

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No one has ever used it in the history of League of Legends so it will have the surprise factor.

What do you think?


Quan trọng: cách chơi hayday lên level nhanh

No one has ever used it in the history of League of Legends so it will have the surprise factor.

we had this…we even had ap zac midlane

I was a Zac top one trick in season 6 in Dia 2/3 with ~400.000 mastery points before they reworked him. I can tell you why he doesn’t work in top lane at the moment:

He has no waveclear; his Q used to be able to poke and clear waves decently fast which is not possible anymore as it has a lot of cc now instead.

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His W base (and %HP) damage was gutted. Makes the chip damage you deal with AA->W way weaker (kind of like heca used to trade) and lasthitting with W harder.

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His E knockup is now tied to charge. The strongest combo for Zac top was Q -> E for the Slow into guaranteed 1s knockup and even clear without any counterplay unless they chase, you used to be able to pick up the blobs after you hit your spells. Now they can just chase you or destroy your blobs.

R damage and regen gutted. The most important part about Zac top was that once he hit 6 he could outduel most toplaners since his R gave him 3 blobs, CC, Damage and MS. Now R deals no damage but has utility in form of a ton of CC. Not picking up 3 blobs means less healing AND less dmg as your W CD is not getting reduced.

Conqueror. Zac has no way to deal with Conqueror, yes he builds HP but the Champs tied to Conqueror were already tough to play against as is, but now you cant even build against them.

His items were nerfed or changed. When you played Zac top at some point you would have gotten an Abyssal Scepter (RIP) or Lyandris (Zacs combo could slow for 20% for 4 seconds) for the MPen (or magic dmg amp) so that he can be a threat even after hitting his E, not possible anymore as Abyssal Mask is a subpar item at the moment and Lyandris doesnt give MPen anymore. Also Abyssal has Mana now which is wasted money.

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I will certainly try him again but literally everything is shit especially for top at the moment. Riot really wants him in the jungle but gave him the Sejuani treatment where he is over the top strong in Competitive when buffed but still weak in SoloQ. Also too much power is in his R making him even more of a Sejuani clone.

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