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Is Bitcofarm A Scam? Can A Criptocow Give You 1 Is Bitcofarm A Scam Or Not

Before you go ahead and read our full review we want to tell you that we do not recommend BitcoFarm because the owner information is completely hidden and they are using almost the same script which was used by many failed sites in the past. Faucetbirds, Faucetcow are the examples other failed sites. So this is the main reason we do not recommend you to work on this site. However, If you want to work on this site then you can find the details strategy to work in BitcoFarm in the given review below.

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Now, as you know that we do not recommend this site and if you want to know about the good sites from us, then you can find those sites by clicking this link

In that list, You will find that We have put Wealthy Affiliate on the top of the list. Actually, We only recommend Wealthy Affiliate. This company is online for more than 12 years and it is growing day by day. You can find more details about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the below link

Now let’ start our BitcoFarm review as given below:-

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Background of BitcoFarm and How it work

There is no information on their website about who owns or run their website. More than that, BitcoFarm website domain “” was registered privately on the 15th of November 2016. By registering their website privately, they are trying to hide their real identity so no one will know who is actually behind the site. Whenever a site owner tries to hide in this manner, then working on that site is very risky and that is the case with BitcoFarm.

BitcoFarm is a Paid to click site in which you can earn bitcoins by viewing ads, purchasing animals and referring others to the site. When you join the site, You will get free standard chicken for 1 day. From that chicken, You can collect one egg which is worth of 0.00105000 BTC. As a free member, You can earn bitcoins by viewing ads for some seconds. You can find the ads on the “View ads” section at the top menu of the site. When you will view those ads you will receive points and later you can convert those points into bitcoins.

You can also earn bitcoins by referring people to the site. There is no limit on the direct referrals. You can get up to 20% commission when your referral upgrade and you can also get up to 200% on your upgraded referral each click. If your referral not upgrade their account, then you can not get a commission from your can also earn more money by investing money into the site. They have a “store ” section which you can find in the top menu of the site. In this section, You can purchse animals an earn cafekientruc.comkens and cow are only avilable to purchase. There are many types of chicken which are as Standard chicken, Bronze chicken, Silver chicken, Golden chicken, White chicken and black chicken. If you purchase standard chicken, you can collect one egg everyday. You can earn 0.001050BTC by selling one egg. It means your monthly earning will be 0.03150 BTC(26% profit). Cost of standard chicken is 0.025 BTC and which expires after 30 days. You can get up to 40% profit on purchasing chickens.

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You can also make profit by purchasing cow. Members can only purchase cow if they have golden membership. The cost of cow is 0.110 you will purchase cow, You will get daily milk bottles. You can collect 1 up to 3 bottles everyday. Each milk bottle worth is 0.01500 – 0.04500 BTC. It means your monthly earning by selling milk bottles will be from 0.4500 to 1.3500 BTC. When you purchase cow, It never expires and will be permanently yours.

They also have ” Cake Shop” option which is mainly opened for the farmers who want to make big investment. In cake shop, You can buy a worker and can get up to 40% profit from them. You can purchase maxium of 10 workers. Each worker makes one cake everyday. When you purhase 1 worker you need to wait for 1 day to buy another worker. You can purchase new worker for 0.5 Bitcoin. The price for extend worker will be 0.46 Bitcoins. When you sale your first cake you can earn 0.0215 BTC. The minimum cashout limit is 0.002 BTC.


As we said earlier, the owner of this site is hiding his real identity and the script of this site is similar to those past sites which did not last long. So, we do not recommend you to work on this site. But, If you want to work or want to invest then its up to you.

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If you have any question about BitcoFarm or have any complaints about BitcoFarm or Want to ask about any other companies, then simply drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.

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